One.IU: IU's App Store

Search. Click. Done!

One.IU provides a searchable list of links to many of the applications and services you'll need to access while you're a student here. Curate a personal list of links by adding them as favorites (look for the ❤).

There are too many links to list, but some of the most widely used include:

  • Canvas
  • Gmail at IU
  • Student Center
  • View/Pay Bursar Bill
  • iGPS Plan
  • Make a deposit to your CrimsonCard
  • View/Manage My Financial Aid Information
  • My Class Schedule
  • IUanyWare
  • etc.

One.IU Quickstart

In this “One.IU: Quickstart” video, you will learn exactly how to navigate the One.IU site. Getting started is easy: just search, click, and done. Visit to get started today.

Description of the video:

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Welcome to this One.IU quick start video. I'm Jessica from UITS IT Training at Indian University. In the next few minutes you will learn exactly how to navigate the new One.IU site. The good news? One.IU was specifically designed to be extremely easy to use. Just search, click, and done.

Let's see how. Here we are at At a glance, one of the first things we see is the search bar. This is the heart and soul of One.IU. This powerful search will likely be your first stop on the site. The idea behind One.IU is that you just have to know what you'd like to do, like find training.

Then enter the keywords in the search bar. Click the task you want, and then you're off. There are a few other ways to make your One.IU experience even better. Scrolling down on the home page, we can see a few sections on the page. My Favorites.


My Recently Used. Most Popular, and Highest Rated. While you might find the latter sections interesting to explore, one that you'll definitely want to pay attention to is the My Favorites section. Yours will be empty to begin with, but by adding tasks to this section, you will be able to create your own personalized navigation.

Let's see how. First, I'll log in. So my favorites will be saved in my One.IU profile. While you don't have to log in to use all of One.IU's features, it's a good thing to do to help you customize your experience.


I often use Box so I'd like it to appear in my favorites. I search the term box and see its task icon in the results. Instead of clicking on the task icon, which will send me to, I click the heart at the lower right of the task icon to add to my favorites.

I see the heart fills in with red to indicate my selection. Navigating back to the home page, I now see the Box task icon in My Favorites, perfect. I'll add one more. Of course, I often check my email, so I type email and hit Enter on my keyboard.

In the resulting task icons, I sees several emails options. I'm not quite sure which one is the correct one, so I need to learn more. To do this, I click the lowercase i on the task icon to see the task's information page.


Here I can see a detailed description, screenshots, reviews, ratings, and tags. At the top of this page I can click Start to launch the task if I'd like. In this case, the information page confirms what I want to know, so I click the Add Favorite button instead. Once I have more than 12 favorites added, I'll need to click See More at the bottom of the My Favorites section to see them all.

And if I prefer these tasks arranged in a certain order, I can click Edit, and then drag and drop the icons where I'd like.


Once done, I simply click Save. Let's look at another example of how to use One.IU. What if I need to work with a student information system, or SIS? I enter SIS in the search bar.


I notice that several resulting tasks seem to apply to specific groups or roles here at IU. If I just want tasks that might apply to me, One.IU allows me to filter by campus,


And by role.


Now I've narrowed my search results to tasks that could apply to me. The last key navigation feature to show you is the ability to see all tasks related to a certain category. By choosing a category, such as IT Services, I can now see all of the related tasks for the entire category.

To exit this category, I can then click the One.IU logo in the upper left.


Now that I've gotten the hang of One.IU, I want to leave some feedback about my experience. I can send my thoughts by clicking the drop down next to my name and then Send Feedback.


So now you know how to navigate One.IU. For more information about One.IU, search the site for learn about One.IU. Thanks for watching.