Center for Faculty Development

The Center for Faculty Development (CFD) is dedicated to providing support for faculty development in teaching, service, and scholarship thus helping to improve the overall environment for faculty and students. We provide information and technologies to enable teaching professionals to pursue their own teaching and learning goals with the ultimate mission being to provide a high quality learning experience for students at Indiana University East.

Meet the director, Stephanie Whitehead, and the rest of her team.


  • Phone: 765-973-8561
  • Email: 
  • Location: Hayes Hall 150A

Our Services

  • Help new faculty get to know the resources available at IU East through New Faculty and Adjust Faculty Orientations.
  • Provide faculty with the tools, research, consultations, opportunities, and support to thrive during their career at IU East.
  • Empower faculty to provide and continuously improve the quality of their online classes.
  • Connect faculty with teaching organizations, conference and publication opportunities, and journals dedicated to the Scholarship of Teaching and Learning.
  • Provide award and grant opportunities to faculty. 

Quick Links

  • CFD Kaltura Channel - How-to videos and webinars on technologies and pedagogical topics created by the CFD staff.
  • Events - These online mini-workshops introduce foundational teaching skills in interactive webinars that can be viewed live or as recordings.
  • FAQs - Answers to frequently encountered questions.
  • Teaching Resources - We offer face-to-face workshops and webinars on evidence-based teaching strategies and technology-enhanced teaching.
  • SoTL & Teaching Organizations - Tip sheets, articles, and websites allow access to information on teaching and learning at any time.